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Convert your voice memos into searchable and editable text notes right on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Voice recorder to transcribe your meetings
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VoxRec Features

70+ custom features created for productivity and efficiency, all within a single voice notes app! We are on a mission to make a voice recording, speech transcription, note-taking, sharing and collaborating easier and faster.

Apple Watch

Record with a 1-tap from your Apple Watch complication. Your audio recording syncs seamlessly to your phone or tablet.


Each of your audio recordings can be automatically transcribed and uploaded to a different folder on a different cloud service (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, ...)

Speech to Text

Speak any of the 27 languages? Convert your voice to text, including punctuation (for English transcription)

Trim & Edit

Edit your audio recording in a built-in mini waveform editor. Trim, copy, paste and merge your voice recordings on your phone.

Last Played Location

Can't listen to a 3-hour recording in one go? No problem, VoxRec lets you continue exactly where you left off. Perfect for audiobooks.

Easy Import & Export

Put your mp3 on your phone is no longer a struggle! No iTunes playlist, no syncing. Just drop your file in or import from other apps. Easy.

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